A powerful WCMS which is used to create internet sites, portals, intranets and web applications, all with a strong focus on usability. It enables all types of users – from occasional through to power users – to build and maintain sites which fulfil customer needs.

Their WCMS is a highly developed, mature system which is suited to large scale corporations who have a high profile within the global marketplace. Multilingual content is an important aspect of any commercial CMS which is why it is important to have a translation feature plus foreign language support for this content.

Their product is highly extensible which includes social media, security, site management, image galleries and SEO tools. This combined with online support and help, user documentation and an online community makes this a very attractive proposition for any business or organisation.

Amaxus WCMS is built upon PHP with a MySQL database and integrates with many operating systems and web browsers, for example Windows and Internet Explorer. Content is created using a WYSIWYG editor as part of their easy to use interface and templates which enables the non-technical user to have complete control over their content.

There is the option to scale up an Amaxus designed website as and when needed which includes the development of multiple sites and sharing resources via cloud computing.

Characteristics of Amaxus

This Web CMS is used to create a range of websites, from large, international internet sites through to small corporate intranets; mobile applications, web interfaces and community portals.

It is standards compliant with a range of features which have proven to be attractive to the business community. These are based upon the needs of differing groups of users such as content authors/editors, business people and developers.

These features include:

  • Easy to use, accessible interface
  • Universal search feature
  • Flexibility/extensible
  • Complete user control via the Website Management tool
  • Sophisticated API
  • User reports which identify business critical changes and processes in response to changing demands and technological advances.
  • SEO tools to improve page/site rankings

This WCMS contains many of the features you would expect to see in a commercial system: these include workflow management, content creation tools, a usable interface, site management and extensibility in the form of numerous plug-ins.

For more information about these and other features visit the Amaxus website at www.amaxus.com.

Other Amaxus features

There is an emphasis on usability and accessibility but equally important is an efficient system which ensures that tasks are completed as smoothly and easily as possible. The Amaxus WCMS has been designed so that every tool, strategy or process ensures a constant flow of information between user and system.

Examples of that include sorting content into projects, menu items being accessed via keyboard shortcuts and commonly used items are placed into the bookmarks feature to enable shortcuts. These are all time savers for the user.

The Amaxus WCMS is aimed at users with varying skill levels, from novice through to expert, and is designed so that they can create the site that they want and to international standards.

The content author/editor can create, edit and publish content without the need for any programming skills or experience. But there is the option for more experienced users to configure and manage websites.

Developers are equally catered for with set of tools which enables rapid-fire development plus the option to extend the functionality via a robust API.