A Swedish content management system which is designed to appeal to business owners, developers, content authors and marketing departments. It contains a range of features with something to appeal to every type of user, whether they are an author, programmer, developer or business owner.

The main selling point of EpiServer is the easy to use log in and customisable dashboard which enables users to update content from any location. This is a major source of help when bringing a new digital product to market.

EpiServer has an authoring environment which works in the same way as any other commercial CMS in that it enables content authors/editors to create, change or maintain content. This can be done quickly and easily.

It is used to manage content on an internet site, intranet or extranet by means of a WYSIWYG editor and dashboard which can be accessed from any browser.

EpiServer is based upon the Microsoft .Net technology and the first version of this CMS was released in 1997. Several versions have followed since then and the number of sites built with EpiServer has grown to more than 6,000.

EpiServer products

Apart from the WCMS, EpiServer has produced a range of software which is designed to compliment this system and help businesses achieve their goals. These products are advertised under the EpiServer name and include:

  • Commerce
  • Mail
  • Marketing Arena
  • Connect
  • Relate

These all perform a range of different functions which meet the individual needs of a business or organisation. For example, the ‘Marketing Arena’software product is designed to increase sales and traffic by optimising the performance of the website.

These software packages can be integrated within the EpiServer CMS.

For more information visit the EpiServer website at www.episerver.com.

EpiServer is enhanced by a series of products and platforms which have been developed or promoted by partners in all corners of the globe. These partners also provide help and support where needed.

Characteristics of EpiServer

The main selling point is a range of features which appeal to different groups of people, for example business owners, content editors and developers.

Each of these groups has their own expectations in regard to a commercial CMS; and in response to this EpiServer has created a range of products which meet those separate needs.

Their system is suitable for content authors/editors without any programming skills with its WYSIWYG editor, template system and the user friendly dashboard or ‘Online Centre’.

The main features of EpiServer are:

  • Global navigation
  • Supports all web browsers
  • Enables business users to access their website from any location.
  • Easy integration with other systems and applications, for example social media software.
  • Translates content into multiple languages: support for multiple language versions of the website.
  • Extensible
  • Compliance with industry and accessibility standards

EpiServer is a commercial CMS with a series of functions that are straight ‘out of the box’ but there is the option to extend the functionality according to business needs and requirements.