SiteCore is a commercial CMS which is able to create, store and manage all content which refers to the business or organisation. It is both flexible and scalable and full capable of integrating with business processes, tools and workflows.

It provides a range of software which can address any business goal or requirement and encompasses internet sites, intranets and portals.

The software is built using Microsoft .Net and stores data via a MySQL or Oracle database. The content itself is stored as XML templates.

SiteCore products

Examples of SiteCore products include:

  • WCMS
  • E-commerce
  • Email Campaign Manager
  • Online Marketing Suite
  • Foundry
  • Intranet Portal

For more information about this software visit the SiteCore website at

SiteCore is primarily aimed at large corporate websites although it can be used by small to medium sized businesses. What it also offers is a software package aimed at the mobile technology market called ‘Sitecore for Mobile’. This works across all mobile platforms, for example the iPhone, Blackberry etc.

Characteristics of SiteCore

The SiteCore CMS enables a team of non-technical staff without any programming experience to administer a range of corporate content. It also features an easy to use, intuitive interface, which is similar in appearance to MS Office, and uses this plus prior knowledge as a means of supporting that ease of use.

There is a strong emphasis on user interface design and usability which is one of several advantages of using propriety software.

Other features include:

  • Strong, mature API’s which enable modification and integration with third party extensions. The ability to extend this software via their numerous API’s makes it an attractive proposition for any business or organisation.
  • Ability to scale websites to a global level
  • Integrated email management which is a useful tool in understanding customer motivations and needs and to increase conversion rates.
  • Online marketing suite which is used to build customer profiles, improve customer experience and increase traffic to the website.
  • Search engine friendly URL’s which can improve page/site rankings.
  • Supports all international languages: co-ordinates the translation process for changing content into another language.
  • Enables integration with other business processes and applications.

SiteCore has its own developer network, solution experts and a large, active community who all provide help and support as and when needed. They also work towards new and innovative ways of improving this CMS as well as sharing knowledge and expertise.

This level of support includes regular updates, service level agreements and access to technical advice which is a particular feature of commercial CMS systems. This is further supported by online user manuals, documentation and training.